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Story-led videos (1000+)

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Fact: Kids who watch & listen to Short Stories regularly have shown an improvement in vocabulary by 3x.
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Interactive word based games after every video

Fact: Studies have shown that a child recollects 67% more information while having fun.
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The words through
parents involvement

Fact: We forget 50% of what we see & hear but retain 70% of what we discuss & 90% of what we apply.
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Benefits of Lattu kids

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Your child will understand 90% of English Language with this select 850 words.


Your child will improve his/her vocabulary which will lead to Better Literacy Skills.

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Your child will improve his/her Critical & Logical Thinking with these newly learnt words.

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Why Vocabulary is Important

Improve Communication Skills

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Vocabulary is the foundation for comprehension. A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication-listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Academic & Social Confidence

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Overall school performance is linked directly to the vocabulary skills. It boosts confidence and helps children communicate with the teachers, friends & parents without inhibitions.

Improve ability to grasp & think  logically

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Good vocabulary knowledge helps the children to interpret ideas from others, and express their own ideas.

Overall holistic development

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Vocabulary helps in overall growth of personal, social, emotional skills which leads to children performing well in academics & grow their self esteem.

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