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What is the Lattu Kids | English Learning App?
Lattu Kids English Vocabulary Learning App focuses on improving the English vocabulary identification & reading skills (sight words, noun words, the formation of sentences) through entertaining, fun learning videos

Is the app free to download?
Yes! You child starts their learning journey with a 30 day Free Trial. A limited set of videos are already unlocked so you can get a glimpse of all the features of the app.

Whats an ‘annual subscription’?
An annual subscription is your key to a world full of learning. It unlocks all the premium features of the app with assessments and reports & unlimited videos.

What are the benefits of buying an annual subscription?
For a small fee, you will be able to access our entire library of videos, unlock interactive word games that help build your child’s English Vocabulary, the assessment module which will guarantee your kid learns educator-approved skills that are usually missed out in normal school curriculums and get access to reports. Reports help you keep an eye on exactly what your kid is watching and learning on the app.

How can I purchase the subscription?
You can purchase the app by entering the parents zone & clicking on the ‘My Account’ option where you can choose between a ‘3-month & a 1 year’ subscription plan

How can I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription you entering the parents zone & clicking on the ‘My Account’ option where you have an option to discontinue your chosen subscription at any time.

I can only see few videos on the app, why so?
Your trial period has come to an end. To continue experiencing all the features of the app you can subscribe to our learning packs.

How often do you add new videos on the app?
We update our library every week, adding fresh episodes and shows. Keep checking in for all the new surprises! Our video library is segmented by age

Can I download the videos for offline viewing?
No, currently we do not allow that. We are working on making this feature also available, if it is one of those burning features that you must have, drop us a message on [email protected] and we’ll speed the process up.

Can I check which videos my kid has been watching?
You can access a lot of information via the parent zone. Based on the videos your kid has been watching & the subsequent questions he/she has been answering, you can check his learning progress via reports. In future, you will also receive personalized tips from educators based on your kid’s learning curve on the app.

What’s the parent zone?
Parent zone contains everything that a parent can use to customize their kid’s experience on the app and also access things that may not be relevant to a kid but very relevant to a parent like the kid’s learning report. You can also change app settings from this menu, in future you will also be able to set a timer for limiting screen time usage.

How do you select your videos and decide they are kid safe & kid friendly?
We have educators & child psychologists on board with over 30 years of collective expertise in areas like child development, behavioural analysis, school curriculums and over all child learning development. These experts are very closely involved in the picking of shows and then classifying of what learning objectives the show fulfills. This allows us complete confidence in claiming that all videos are kid safe, kid friendly and teach some skills by the end of it.

My app is hanging/crashing, what should i do?
Please write to us on [email protected] with a screenshot of the problem (if possible) and detailed steps that led to the problem. We will get back to you promptly.

Why should I give my email address and phone number?
Your email address and phone number are your personal identifier in the app. We store all your session details, your history of videos watched and reports of the assessments taken by your kid by linking it to your email address/phone number. These details also help you log in from any other device and continue your session exactly where you left off without spoiling your progress. We do not ever share any of your personal details with third parties, so you can be assured about that part!

Does Lattu Kids follow any particular curriculum/syllabus?
Lattu Kids App covers skills that are accepted worldwide as the key skills for kids in 2-8 age range but do not follow any particular syllabus. We focus on the 6 primary skills important for Early years development & the application currently helps nurture the primary learning skill – English Language

Is there any video on the app that would negatively influence my child’s mind?
All videos focus primarily on 5-6 typical values including communication, language & literacy, shapes, numbers, understanding of world around us, personal social development, muscial development and so on. Our expert team ensures there never is a bad word, bad language, violence or bad dubbing in the videos. All videos subtly only aid a child’s overall development.

How do i access the app?
Lattu Kids is available on the Android play store currently & will be launching the iOS version shortly. You can also access the videos on other platforms like the Amazon Fire TV, Ola Play,

Videos are not playing in the app / my app is crashing/ hanging over and over again, what should i do?
First & foremost check your internet connection, if that is okay try to kill the app and restart it. If that doesn’t seem to work, uninstall the app and download it again. If the problem persists even after all these steps, please write to us on [email protected]

Some videos seem to be locked and I am not able to click on them, what should I do?
If you cannot access some of the videos it may be because you have not take a subscription. Only limited videos are available for free trial users.

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