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A scientific language learning program that builds English vocabulary and Reading skills foundation for your kids.

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Why should you enroll your child to this course?

Early years (2 to 6 years) vocabulary is the biggest predictor of language and literacy (reading) proficiency. The more words your child knows in her first few years, the more she is likely to read, because of better comprehension skills.

Learning Outcomes (in 3 months)

  • 50 new words (identification, speaking, spelling and reading)
  • Formation of sentences using words
  • Correct pronunciation of the new words
  • Comprehension of contextual content
  • Improvement in reading levels
  • Awareness of key characteristic traits (Honesty, Discipline, Perseverance, Self-Control, Kindness, Politeness)

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What’s Included In The Course


A personalized vocabulary and reading learning journey for your child.


Two 1-hour classroom-based sessions each week with a trained language educator


12 weeks duration with 2 classes every week


12 story books from Scholastic for home practice

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3 month access to lattu kids premium learning app


Reinforcement cards for kids and parents

Learning Pedagogy

Vocabulary is the 1st building block for language learning so the objective is to help your child learn as many new words as possible in the early years and enhance her/his vocabulary. 

We use the learning practices below to help create a strong foundation for your child

Reading to and with your child

In a recent study, children to whom someone read regularly , knew twice as many words as those were not. When they entered the school system, their reading, spelling, and writing abilities soared above those of children in less verbal households. Even though kids don’t respond like adults, they are listening, and it is good for them.

By reading and interacting with them using picture books we provide the most essential help with language skills they need.

We choose age-appropriate books – first picture books, followed by books with one word, books with short sentences and eventually books with short stories.

Exposing your child to songs & immersive videos rich in experiences and activities

Children will talk only if they have something to talk about. So we give rich experiences and activities to the child in each class session, something novel, done in a unique and creative manner or visually appealing. This will get her excited and want to make her talk about her activity or experience.

Songs and videos are one form of rich experiences if chosen appropriately can capture their attention and makes them communicate & reflect on what they see. Educational TV shows helps in teaching vocabulary and language because children are maximally engaged when we interact with them over what grabs their attention and these experiences provide foundation for language growth. Children learn best through what they are interested in.

We use songs that have rhyming lines that children can participate in and shows that have a lot of repetition and interactivity.

Shows like Word Girl, Super Why, Peppa The Pig, etc are not harmful for children and can be helpful, especially when one can watch it with them and reflect upon what you/they see.

Communication with your child

Children absorb language not just in dedicated vocabulary-building moments but at every moment.

Hence there are 4 deliberate practices that we imbibe right through the sessions –

· Description Talk – Teacher describes every object.

· Parallel talk – Teacher elaborates what the child is doing during the sessions.

· Self-talk – Teacher describes what she is doing.

· Expansion & Expansion Plus – Expand on words and phrases child uses and build on what the child says. Example, child says, “Look parrot” and teacher says, “Yes, that’s a parrot. And look, it’s green in color.

Child centered activities & games.

We encourage children to talk as much as possible through activities, games and story-telling

The more the children talk, the more they are able to express their ideas, their thoughts, their connections and their feelings without inhibitions and it goes in long way in developing public presentation skills, getting rid of stage fear and debating and interpersonal communication skills. We use interesting gaming techniques to relate to kids and using interdisciplionary approach they learn vocabulary and language skills in fun way. Children are most receoptive to learning when they are in fun mood. We create contextual and fimailiar fun games for kids to play in session that involve their kinesthetic skills.

Personalized Learning & Individual attention

Every child is continuously observed and assessed in every class in unique way to identify the learning gaps, these help us to create a personalized learning path for each child, we restrict our batch sizes to 5 kids maximum to enable these personalized learning experience and attention to each child and thereby create a custom learning path for your child basis the preferred style of learning and identified gaps. As parent, you will have access to the child’s progress continuously either through the digital report cards or with interactions with our class teacher.

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