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Book a demo class with us. All you need to attend the session is a laptop with good internet connectivity.

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Our team will reach out to you to help you schedule the class.

Step 3

Our expert teacher will take a demo session with your child.

Step 4

If you like the sessions, you can subscribe to our learning program.

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We will schedule your weekly sessions and this will kick-start your child's most awesome learning journey.

How it Works ?

Pre-School at Home

Pre-School at Home

  • Theme based learning : The course covers 12 themes and 120 sessions..
  • Literacy : Master early learning language and literacy outcomes..
  • Logical Reasoning : Learn to solve mathematics and operations with conceptual understanding..
  • Reading and Fluency : Learn phonics and tricky sight words, read and speak like a pro..
  • Social and Emotional Outcomes : Interact with kids from across India and teacher buddies..
Jr. Author – Write your first book with Lattu

Jr. Author – Write your first book with Lattu

  • Narrative Writing : Discover the elements of a good story.
  • Fiction vs Non-Fiction : Discover different styles of storytelling and write your first non fiction story.
  • Character Building : Learn to build a compelling character kids will relate to..
  • Publishing : Explore the lucrative world of self-publishing both physical and e-books.
  • Marketing : Discover wonderful marketing techniques that will make your book sell..


  • Sounds of Letters : Learn the 42 sounds of English with Lattu Phonics..
  • Sentence Reading : Blend the sounds to read words, phrases & sentences..
  • Sight Words : Learn 50 frequently used tricky sight words..
  • Book Reading : Develop the ability to read age-appropriate books..
  • Literature : Develop appreciation of quality literature and develop deep comprehension skills..
Jr. Shakespeare

Jr. Shakespeare

  • Confident Speakers for Life : Along with the academic goals, your child will be able to communicate fluently in English..
  • Beyond Academics : We will touch upon different aspects of life skills like public speaking, current affairs and much more..
  • Confidence : The course will help your child build confidence through correct written and spoken English..
  • Real Life Scenarios : Storytelling, letter writing and role play helps the child understand real life scenarios..
  • Flexibility : Our flexible curriculum not only challenges the child but also makes them strive to achieve more..


  • Number and Operations : Learn counting, numbers, place values, whole numbers with games.
  • Arithmetic : Learn addition, subtraction, fractions and percentage with fun engaging content..
  • Algebraic Thinking : Master Patterns, Algebraic Relationships & Models, Number Sentences, Equations & Inequalities.
  • Geometry & Measurement : Learn time, temperature, shapes, measurements .
  • Data Analysis : Learn to collect, classify, organize, represent, Interpret & analyze data.