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Lattu Kids English Vocabulary Learning App focuses on improving the English vocabulary identification & reading skills (sight words, noun words, the formation of sentences) through entertaining, fun learning videos

Our Secret to improving your child’s English Vocabulary is simple

‘67% of Kids Learn faster through Entertainment & Games’ 

How will your child learn?

– Watch Fun Learning Videos (We have a library of over 1000+ kids e learning videos like maya the bee, talking tom, baby songs)

– Play Games After Every Video (We provide Interactive English Vocabulary Based Games after every video)

– Learn New Sight Words & Noun Words Everyday (Our app includes key e learning methods like repetition, contextual learning & involvement that aid your child’s e learning journey) 

– Overall English learning for kids (Improving the English vocabulary identification & reading skills with the help of sight words, noun words, the formation of sentences)

Lattu Kids App | Benefits:

– Understand 90% of the English Language with these select 850 sight words & noun words

– Improve English vocabulary which will lead to Better Literacy Skills

– Improve his/her Critical Thinking (Their ability to think is related to the number of words they know)

– Best Noun Words App & Best Sight Words App

Lattu Kids English Vocabulary App Additional Features:

– Library of over 1000+ E learning videos (Maya the bee, Leo & coco, Baby songs, Baby rhymes, Abc song)

– Intelligent Sight Words & Learn Noun Words as per grades 

– Designed with Parental Involvement (Screen Time Control, 24×7 Developmental Journey)

– Fun Interactive Interface for Kids

Our Video Library:

Maya the bee – Maya the bee stories, Maya the bee games, Maya games, Maya videos

Rhymes: Old MacDonald had a farm, Twinkle twinkle little star, Baba black sheep, Baby songs, Abc song

SuperGeek Heroes – English Vocabulary Games, Best learning series for preschoolers

Wondergroove – Learn about Friendship, Sharing is Fun, Preschool Learning Shows, Social Emotional Learning

Planet Cosmos – Learn Planets the fun way, Learn new unique facts about the universe

Leo & Coco – Fun learning for kids, Language Skill Building Games, Hide & Seek games, Family Moral Values

Agi Bagi – Science is Fun, Learn about nature, Adventures with Age Bagi

Counting With Paula – Learning counting, counting numbers, learn 123, Numerical videos for kids

Leo the Truck – Learn Colors, Learn Shapes, Play fun games with Leo, Identify Objects

Max the Excavator – Surprise Egg, Hide & Seek games, Fun learning for preschoolers

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